Creation Museums, Field Trips, & Zoos

A quick Internet search reveals a number of “Creation Museums” in North American and elsewhere. These facilities vary greatly in size, scope, focus, level of financial investment, and intended audience as well as the roles they may play in local congregations or national (or international) ministries. Many people are familiar with the very large museum in Petersburg Kentucky, operated by the Answers in Genesis organization with its CEO, Ken Ham, being well-known in the popular press for his championing of creationism and ambitious plans for additional facilities. This is not the first such museum although at present it is  the largest. A number of other museums are quite small, perhaps sharing space in a church, and have little presence on the Internet or visibility in other creationist resources. Some have but one or two employees, and their websites may not always be up to date. The Christian website lists a number of facilities as “creation themed” but their own websites make less of creation explicitly, and some are not overtly labeled as Christian. Some of the museums are largely devoted to debunking the theory of evolution and secular cosmologies. Others concentrate on the significance of creationism to doctrines of Christian salvation. Some facilities offer creationism as a part of a wider range of exhibits that may include the Bible as a whole, or local history. Others have no fixed location but are mobile, travelling with their curators to various churches, schools or other venues. There are also numerous churches, ministries, and businesses that host field trips to various sites, such as the Grand Canyon or Mount St. Helens, interpreting geological formations and other natural phenomena as evidence of biblical creationism.

With all of this in mind, it is hard to get a detailed picture of the landscape of creationist facilities and institutions. I’d be grateful for any corrections or additions to this list.

Denominational affiliations  It is safe to say that Young Earth Creationists are predominantly conservative evangelicals. Some of the museums are associated with particular denominations, e.g. Baptist, but many more are non-denominational. The Discovery Center in Abilene, Texas hosts its own congregation, the Discovery Church, which grew up around the museum itself.

A word on the word “museum” Some people dispute the use of the word “museum” to refer to creationist facilities that have exhibits on the scientific veracity of the bible or refute evolution or secular cosmology. The argument is that these institutions do not have a real concern for or expertise in interpreting evidence about the past properly and, in many cases, do not actually have any real artifacts to display. The field of Museum Studies that looks at how knowledge of the past is presented and construed in physical exhibits is a complex field. For the purposes of this webpage, however, the term “museum” is useful since creationists and researchers into the creationist movement use it with little reservation and these facilities are often constructed as an alternative to secular natural and human history museums. There is a growing academic bibliography on how creation museums employ the language, styles, formats of scientific legitimacy and authenticity. See the bibliography.

Visiting Creation Museums While some of these museums keep regular hours and are open to casual visitors (e.g. Answers in Genesis Museum in Kentucky, and the Creation and Earth History museum in Santee California, many are set up more for guided tours of church groups and so forth and are only open upon request and only for guided tours. As noted above, some have only a small staff, and a large group showing up unannounced may be impossible to accommodate. Some museums have a fixed entrance fee while others operate solely on donations.

I will be adding some more details about each of the museums in the near future.

I will also post a separate page for each of the museums I visit, with some additional photos and comments.

If I’ve missed any, or the list is inaccurate in any way, please let me know with a comment or email!

Since I am Canadian, I will begin the list at home.


Big Valley Creation Science Museum

Big Valley Creation Science Museum, Big Valley Alberta, July 26, 2008, photographed by James Linville
Big Valley Creation Science Museum,  July 26, 2008, photograph by James Linville

Big Valley, AB
FaceBook Page

Only some 60 kilometres from Drumheller and the famous Royal Tyrrell Museum of paleontology, the Big Valley Creation Science Museum is perhaps the best known Canadian creation museum. The focus is on refuting evolution with a number of display boards that find fault with the theory. These include some cryptozoological claims. Some real fossils are on display along with well made dinosaur models. The museum is relatively small but is a stand-alone structure. It made a bit of a media splash when it opened in 2008, since it got a lot of publicity when it opened in 2008, only a year after the very large Answers in Genesis museum in Kentucky. The museum website has a number of photos of its exhibits. I visited the museum in 2009 and you can some additional pictures and descriptions from that trip (taken long before the present project was begun) on this link (coming soon).

Creation Discovery Centre
Bow Island AB  / Brooks AB
Facebook Page

The Creation Discovery Centre is a small museum that has a strong astronomical theme since its director, Larry Dye, is a long time member of an astronomy club southern Alberta. The museum is currently in the process of relocated from Bow Island, on Highway 3 between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, to Brooks AB, on the Trans Canada Highway, ca. 190 km (118 miles) East of Calgary. Its new home will be the Lakewood Community Church, 804 Cassils Rd East, a Baptist congregation. The move should be complete in the summer of 2017. Mr. Dye, who calls himself “The Creation Guy” does engage in public presentations at churches and other venues, and also produces stage plays on various themes as well as hosting stargazing events.

Creation Truth Ministries (Secrets of Creation Travelling Museum)
Red Deer, AB

 As far as I know, this is Canada’s only travelling creation museum and is located in Red Deer, about half way between the cities of Edmonton and Calgary. The ministry’s website is well illustrated, and shows a substantial number of exhibits that could be brought into churches, schools or other venues for presentations by the director, Vance Nelson. These include large models of dinosaurs, fossil casts,  some fossils and some modern “petrified” objects (e.g., a hat) that is used to show that long timelines are not needed to produce fossils. Mr. Nelson also engages in public presentations without his mobile collection. I have not seen the collection, but I did hear him argue for the historical reliability of the story of the Tower of Babel at the 2016 Alberta Home Education Association Convention in Red Deer, on April 9. He is also the author of the “Untold Secrets of Planet Earth” book series that addresses fossils, dragons, evidence of dinosaur human interaction in the Amazon. Creation Truth Ministries is also a registered charity in Canada.


Museum of Creation
New Life Sanctuary Church
618 Muriel St

This museum began as a private collection in 2002  but by 2007 it had outgrown its digs at that house of the founders, John and Linde Feakes. The museum is now in the basement of New Life Sanctuary Church, which is associated with the Canadian National Baptist Convention. The museum’s website has some space devoted to its main themes which include the geological column, dinosaurs and humans, and Old and New Testament evidence. To visit the museum, contact the church for a guided tour.


Creation Research Museum of Ontario
Goodwood Baptist Church
283 Highway 47 Goodwood

Home for the Creation Research Museum of Ontario is the basement of a Baptist church in a village NE of Toronto and Markham. It is currently undergoing renovations that are projected to be complete in the summer of 2016. The ministry also leads occasional field trips and fossil digs. It began as the private collections which, in 2004, became a travelling exhibit. In 2009 it was installed in the Goodwood church. The curator is Martin Legemaat, and the museum has also had the support of Australian creationist John Mackay, who heads Creation Research.

Creation Science Center
52 Eighth St E, Cornwall, ON K6H 3J6

This museum seems to be in a state of transition, as a number of different names for a collection at the 8th St. E. address can be found online.

The museum is associated with the Cornwall Wesleyan Church with which it shares a building. The museum has received the travelling collection of Ian Juby, who informed me in 2015 that has taken a hiatus from the speaking circuit for a few years. When I contacted the Creation Science Centre in the Autumn of 2015, I was informed that it was now operating under the name “Paradoxes of Science Centre”.



While there are no permanent creation ministries in Arizona, the presence of the Grand Canyon makes the state important for the creationist argument. There are a number of creationist ministries in the state along with a number of organizations which lead field trips to the canyon and elsewhere.

Canyon Ministries 
PO Box 50571
12921 Pine Rock Ln, Parks, AZ 86018
Parks, AZ 86018

Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries
Flagstaff, AZ

Genesis Creation Science Institute /
120 W. Columbus Ave
Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Creation and Earth History Museum, Santee California Photo by James Linville.
Photo by James Linville.

Creation and Earth History Museum
10946 Woodside Avenue North
Santee, CA.

This is the oldest creation museum and is closely linked with Henry Morris, a prolific author, and a founding father of the modern creationist movement. The museum had it origins in 1976 in an exhibit on the campus of the Christian Heritage College (now San Diego Christian College, El Cajon). After some institutional reorganizations, the museum relocated off-campus under the auspices of Morris’ Institute for Creation Research (I.C.R.) and then moved to its present 10,000 sq. ft facility in Santee in 1992. The museum switched hands in 2008 when I.C.R. moved to Texas. Now operated by the Light and Life Foundation (a 501C3 charity), the museum has an active schedule of speakers. The museum is open regular hours and does offer guided tours although you don’t need to take the tour. If you don’t they recommend giving yourself at least 1.5 hours to see it all, and from my experience, you may want to give yourself a bit more. The museum has a strong narrative design, walking one through not only the biblical creation and flood story, but clearly connecting this to themes of Christian salvation and the current faith vs. science debate  and the fallen state of the world. A large exhibit on human anatomy and an animatronic theatre display of the biblical Sanctuary are also found there. Their website also has a virtual tour. I visited the museum in January 2016. Some more on my trip to the museum may be found here (coming soon).

World’s Biggest Dinosaurs
Cabazon, CA

Adventure Safaris Dinosaur Learning Center/ Museum
1360 W. McCoy Ln. Suite 3
Santa Maria, CA

Creation Research of the North Coast Museum (In Planning Stages)
Creation Research of the North Coast
PO BOX 771,
Bayside, CA 95524

Creation Safaris 

19635 Green Mountain Dr.
Newhall, CA 91321-2147


Alpha Omega Institute
140 Broadway, Unit B-103
Grand Junction, Colorado 815022..
Offers Field Trips, Seminars, and a Training Institute.


 Creation Adventures Museum
Arcadia, FL

Creation Discovery Museum
Creation Studies Institute
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Creation Expeditions
Crystal River, FL

Creation Orlando
7212 Sandscove Court
Winter Park, FL. 32792

Creation Today (& The Creation Store)
5800 North W. Street
Pensacola FL 32505

Saltwater Studies
Ft. Lauderdale
Field Trips, Laboratory for Students, home school classes. Palm Beach, Broward County
For Profit Organization

Science Partners
WaterStone Church (formerly First Baptist Church of Altamonte Springs)
900 North Street
Longwood, FL 32750
Field Trips, Science Classes in the Church. Some classes held at Marine Land, Orlando.


Camp Sunrise Museum
1427 Slate Mine Rd., S.E.
Fairmount, GA 30139-2835
Planetarium and Museum


Hawaiian Creation Adventures
Hana, Maui


Northwest Science Museum
NWSM Vision Center
1831 Wildwood St.
Boise ID. 83713


Creation Excavations
Amazing Grace Ranch, Utica

Creation Safaris by Creation Science Association of-Mid America
PO Box 13503
Overland Park, KS 66282-3503

Heart of America Science Resource Centre
312 E. U.S. Hwy 54, on the east end of town.
Havilland 67059
(Most prominent address on the website,  on N. Lawrence st. is just the mailing address)

One of the labs currently used as a display room at the Heart of America Science Resource Centre. Photo by James Linville, July 9, 2016.
One of the labs currently used as a display room at the Heart of America Science Resource Centre. Photo by James Linville, July 9, 2016.

This relatively new facility (only parts of the 8000 sq. ft. building is open at the moment) places an accent on the hands-on education of children. Activities include microscope work with rocks and fossils, stargazing, and field trips to fossil sites and secular museums, with creationist commentary. There is a conference room, and plans for dedicated museum galleries that will include some local history along with fulfilling the organization’s creationist mission. Dr. Jerry Simmons, who is responsible for the science programs at the museum also teaches at the local Barclay College. Operated as a US 501(C) charitable organization. It has not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.  Some more on my trip to the museum may be found here (coming soon)

Safari Zoological Park
1751A CR 1425,
Caney KS 67333


Ark Encounter 
Answers in Genesis
on I-75
Williamstown, KY

Opened on July 7, 2016, this is certainly the most publicized creation science facility since Answers in Genesis opened its Creation Museum in 2007.

Creation Museum
Answers in Genesis
2800 Bullittsburg Church Road
Petersburg, KY 41080

By at 75000 sq. ft., this is by far the largest creation museum in the museum, although the newly opened extensive Ark Encounter some 60 km (40 miles) to the South will eventually be a full theme park.


The Dinosaur Encounter
Declare God’s Wonders, Inc.
246 Hio Ridge Road
Bridgton, ME  04009


God’s Ark of Safety Ministry
18606 Cherry Lane
PO Box 52
Frostburg, MD 21532
Church/Conference centre built as replica of Ark


Stones True Story (Travelling Museum)
Gladwin MI


Creation Experience Museum
Branson MO. 65771
4180 US HWY. 65, 7 Mi. N of town


Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum
Foundation Advancing Creation Truth
PO Box 684
Glendive MT 59330-0684


Boneyard Creation Museum
1709 S E Street
Broken Bow, NE 68822    

Semi-saurus Mobile Museum 

Juanita NE

            New Jersey

Creation Science Hall of Fame (Online, planning physical structure)
P.O. Box 82
Tranquility, NJ 07879           

            North Carolina

God’s Creation Wildlife Museum
111 West Water St. Plymouth N.C. 27962
Taxidermy and diversity of God’s creation.

North Carolina Museum of Creation,
Taxidermy Hall of Fame of North Carolina,
 Antique Tool Museum
156 Northwest Broad Street,
Southern Pines, NC

New York

Creation Museum of Upstate New York
3850 Main Street Warrensburg, NY
(no website)

Origins Museum
Exploration Science Center
Tri-State Family Christian Center Building
100 Faith Court
Rt. 209 in Port Jervis, NY 12771

Lost World Museum
W Cayuga St & W 5th St,
Oswego, NY 13126


Akron Fossils & Science Center
2080 South Cleveland-Massillon Rd.
Copley, OH 44321


Creation Truth Foundation (& Mobile Museum of Earth History)
PO Box 1435
117 South Main St.
Noble, OK 73068


Creation Encounter
Hood River OR 97031
Field Trips

Noah’s Ark Café and Museum
411 Safari Road
Winston, OR 97496


            South Dakota

Grand River Museum
114 10th Street
West Lemmon, SD 57638


Ark Museum and Dinosaur Park Project Creation: A Creation Education Ministry
Murfreesboro, TN

Wyatt Archeological Museum
2502 Lynnville Hwy
Cornerstone, TN 37047


Creation Evidence Museum
Glen Rose, TX

Discovery Center
Abilene TX

Mt. Blanko Fossil Museum
124 W. Main
Crosbyton, TX 79322

Museum of Earth History, Creation Truth Foundation
Dallas, TX


Creation Hall Museum
Centre for Creation Studies
Liberty University
1971 University Boulevard
Lynchburg, VA 24515

Creation Kingdom Zoo
1692 Snowflake Rd. Gate City, VA 24251


Creation Adventures
P.O. Box 483
Richland WA 99352
Dr. Steve Austin No apparent updates since 2014.

God’s World Exploration Station
90 Elderberry Ln
Peshastin WA 98847. Under Construction. Some displays open.

Mt St. Helens’s Creation Center (7 Wonders)
Silverlake, WA


Living Waters Bible Camp (with creation museum)
E8932 Reno Ave. Westby, WI 54667
Hosts annual creation conference, retreats, has creation library, “creation education days”

What’s the Evidence?  (Travelling exhibits)
Wisconsin Fair Booth


South Africa

Question It Bookstore
10 Msenga Road Kloof
Durban, South Africa



United Kingdom      

Genesis Expo
Portsmouth, UK

Genesis Museum of Creation

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm
Clevedon Road
BS48 1PG

Ultimate Questions Creation Trailer (travelling displays)
Creationist Out Reach Ministries
Northern Ireland


Wuppertal, Germany

German Creation Museum
Hausserstrasse 37 69436
Schobrunn, Moosbrun


Ark Van Noach
Maasstraat 14
3313 CR Dordrecht


Parque Discovery
Mafra, Portugal


Land Of Genesis Theme Park (Projected)
Genesis-Land AG
Molkereistrasse 1, CH-8645 Jona


Western Pacific 


Jurassic Ark: Outdoor Creation Museum
Gympie, Queensland,
(Creation Research: Worldwide Creation Research Team).

Hong Kong

Noah’s Ark
33 Pak Yan Road
Ma Wan, New Territories,
Hong Kong

New Zealand

Creation Museum of Aotearoa/New Zealand 
 2 Truby King Drive, Waikouaiti 9471,
Otago, New Zealand